Small Business Sites

Over the last couple of decades or so, it has become crucial for physical stores OR Small Businesses to have a website. Over time it has become more relevant that we also need to have a social media presence.

At CYBER CLOCK, we create your website and connect it with the social media like Facebook or Instagram including WhatsApp

The internet has become a necessity in our lives rather than the novelty it was decades ago.

Not only do we watch funny videos, but we pay our bills, communicate, organize our lives, work, and buy most things, from groceries and furniture to clothes, electronics, and everything in between. .

That’s why businesses need to have a user-friendly website and be able to quickly provide everything customer needs.

These details include opening hours, contact details, location details with a map and other relevant details. This may even include the ability to book services or place orders online.

The price has been reduced and will only applied to a single website. All domain name and hosting costs are the responsibility of the customer.